Unique gifts for the holidays

Written by Evalyn Li

For the health nut:

Whether they’re in it for the smoothie or health, a gym membership can only make them stronger (literally). Perhaps this is the gift that truly keeps giving by also dragging the gift giver onto the path to fitness.

For the adventure seeker:

Graphic by Cheryl Kao

Feeling like your relationship is in shambles? Take the opportunity to spend quality time together by presenting your gift recipient with a train, museum or concert ticket. Now they have to go to the city with you and see that new exhibition in MoMA. Or maybe you just want an excuse to go see Chance the Rapper?

For the gift-receiving lover:

The notion of unwrapping a surprise can be the most appealing part of the holiday season. The variety of subscription boxes now being sold online run the gamut from healthy snacks to grooming kits. From the chocolate snob to the moisturizer connoisseur, there are affordable gifts for everyone.

For the activist:

For friends who exhaust Messenger with hour-long texts about activism or world crises, donating on their behalf might be the greatest gift of all. It also would not hurt to throw in a bag of their favorite snacks.

For hipster music lover:

Burn a CD of your friends’ most hated music playlist. This way, after taking two and half days to learn how to play the CD, they are greeted with annoying sounds. But make sure you have their favorite meal on hand to comfort them after they realize how awful it actually sounds.

For the fashion lover:

Ruin or make their holiday season with an ugly sweater. The best sweaters are a little oversized and covered in the gaudiest shades of green, red, white and, while we’re at it, dirt brown.