Project Enybody teaches environmental awareness



Written by Joanna Huang

On a family trip, Palo Alto High School alum William Zhou found himself distraught by Alaska’s glacial meltage. He loved nature, and it was going away.

For this reason, in 2013, Zhou founded Project Enybody. Project Enybody is a teen group that plans projects and events to combat and raise awareness for environmental issues. The “Eny” of Enybody stands for Earth Needs You.

The group has presented at conferences hosted by Zero Waste Youth Convergence and Youth for the Environment and Sustainability. They have spoken about environmental impacts at City of Palo Alto and school board meetings. Around 200 to 300 people attended Project Enybody’s GreenFest, a one-day exposition on practical ways families can become more environmentally conscious.

Sophomore Joy Huang joined Project Enybody two years ago after attending GreenFest. “The experience was spectacular, and I couldn’t believe that it was organized by high schoolers because I genuinely thought that it was designed by adults,” she said.

Palo Alto High School junior Leo Trejo, who has been videographer of Project Enybody for three years, also appreciates the teen-driven aspect of the group. “I feel more comfortable around other people that are my age, and doing stuff with people that are similar to me and go to the schools around me,” he said.

Huang recommends high school students who are looking to gain leadership skills, network with the community and help the environment to join Project Enybody. Trejo adds that AP Environmental Science students needing community services hours should consider this opportunity.