Doordash Review


Bridgette Gong

Are you someone who always craves food? Especially someone who always craves food but can’t drive yet? If so, Doordash just might be the perfect app for you. With Doordash, all your have to do is enter  your card information and order food from a huge variety of food stores. Better yet, the food will actually appear for you around an hour later. Yes, it is as magical as it sounds.The app is free, easy to maneuver and has several restaurant options. What you need to have is a debit/credit card (or your parents) or apple pay, and a phone with the app downloaded. After ordering, it does take a while for the food to arrive (usually around 30-80 minutes depending on the location), but in my experience the food always gets to me earlier than expected. Doordash also has pretty good refund policies and customer service. You can always check the app for updates on your food, and you will receive notifications of how your order is coming along.  It is really easy to get contact your food deliverer. My only negative experience occurred when my order got slightly mixed up, and I hear that that happens sometimes from friends who also use the app. I think the only issue besides that would be that the delivery fee can sometimes add up and get pricey, sometimes even more than the food itself. Therefore,  I would recommend ordering for you and for your friends if you get something cheaper like a drink. All in all, I have had plenty of pleasant experiences using the app, as have my friends who use it as well. All in all, I’d give this app four stars out of five. So next time you finding yourself wishing for food, give Doordash a try!