Wacky April Fool’s pranks offer knee-slapping laughs: Deceiving Moldreo


As tasty, wholesome snacks enjoyed by all ages, Oreos are undeniably one of the most popular cookies in America. With so many people at the mercy of the two-toned, cream-filled confections, a world of Oreo-themed pranks opens up. One of such is the “Moldreo,” a moldy-looking Oreo whose name was endearingly dubbed by a select handful of practical joke connoisseurs. With April Fool’s right around the corner, it might just be time to join in.


  1. One box of Oreos that come in a tray
  2. Green food coloring
  3. Flour
  4. Someone who likes Oreos
  5. Patience
  6. An artist’s eye for mold spores


To avoid suspicion, bring actual snacks and share them with your target for at least a few days in advance. Choose a good time to sit down, and use food coloring drops to color the fillings of the Oreos. Bring up a picture of mold to get it as realistic as possible. Dust a generous amount of flour on the chocolate cookie portion and add a light touch of food coloring to it. Be sure to keep the packaging in good shape.

Keep some normal Oreos to give out to lull the victim into a false sense of security before you strike like a cobra. Put the “moldy” cookies in the very back of the tray, and seal everything up.


Offer Oreos to your victim. Keep up an air of gentle camaraderie and innocence.

Gift the box after a bit and leave. Allow them to discover the Moldreos on their own. It’s a spiritual experience.


If all goes well, your wonderfully crafted mold spots should fool the target for a solid few seconds and elicit disgust. Of course, pranks don’t always go perfectly, but with this one, you can, at the very least, get some Oreos out of it.