Brand battle: Cheez-It vs. Safeway Select Cheese Bites


Written by Emma Chiao

Although generic food brands may be cheaper, they aren’t necessarily worth the price. I decided to test out the popular snack for all ages: Cheez-It crackers. At Safeway, a box goes for $5.99 while Safeway Select’s Cheese Bites sell for $2.50.

The exterior packaging of each present them as nearly identical crackers– the signature square with grooved edges. However, don’t be fooled by the advertisement; in actuality, the original Cheez-It has a much more appealing orange glow compared to the dull and pasty Safeway Select cheese crackers. In terms of flavor, these two are vastly different. The original Cheez-It is crisp and tangy—the strong cheese flavor is well balanced with the salt, creating a harmony that makes Cheez-Its especially addicting. Once a bowl of Cheez-Its has been poured, it’s guaranteed to be empty within five minutes. Safeway Select Cheese Bites, on the other hand, are much less appealing. They are moist and slightly stale, there is no satisfying crunch and the cheese flavor is washed out by hints of cardboard and raw flour. Additionally, the Safeway Select Cheese Bites lose out to Cheez-it in caloric value: 150 calories versus 140 calories for 25 crackers.

If the Safeway Select Cheese Bites are your choice snack, no judgment; there’s no denying that paying less for food is always a plus factor. But be warned: once you try the original Cheez-Its, there is no going back to the knock-off brands.

Winner: Name brand (Cheez-It)