Essential Items this Fall


Fall Essentials (non clothing)

Bridgette Gong


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Fall is right around the corner, and while everyone knows that the perfect oversized sweater is necessary to get you through the dim and frigid months, there are also several other non-clothing items that could be great company as the leaves change color and make fall the best season of the year.

  1. A nice big mug. A warm cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea is the perfect remedy to beat any chilly temperatures that await. If you have a yummy collection of holiday drink mixes (whether it be peppermint hot chocolate or apple spice tea), a quality mug will be the perfect companion for a cozy fall morning, afternoon or evening.
  2. Blankets. On the coldest, windiest, and rainiest of days, soft blankets will be there to keep you comfortable. From snuggies to comforters, having a soft, warm blanket at hand will keep you cozy.
  3. The perfect playlist. Capture those fall vibes with a playlist full of your favorite moody songs to have the perfect fall.
  4. A good book. Or Netflix, if you don’t like to read. Sometimes, the perfect night just means a night of binge watching/reading your favorite series.
  5. Toasty fireplaces—no further explanation necessary.
  6. Traditions. Whether this means carrying on timeless traditions of creating new ones, traditions will allow you to make the most of your time with friends and family. It will not only build up a collection of quality memories, but will also give you something to look forward to at any point throughout the year.
  7. Candles. Use them to create the perfect lighting and fill the air with smells of fall.  
  8. Food. Not gonna lie, fall foods are truly what complete the experience: pumpkin pie,  mashed potatoes, fresh-out-the-oven cookies, peppermint bark, whipped cream, s’mores you name it. Try out some new recipes for fun, or maybe buy a couple of baking tins and whisks if necessary. Tis’ the season to vamp up your fridge! The comfort foods of fall and the holiday of season are one of a kind. They will make your day—every day.