Students share past homecoming week experiences


Compiled by Megan Li and Yael Livneh

“During the night rally I screamed so loud I blacked out” – Class of 2018

“I always resented having an iPhone 4 until the day it was used in a scavenger hunt” – Class of 2018

When I was a freshman, my first homecoming week was on crutches. The air bands choreographers also let me crutch to the gym floor at the end of the routine to let me do a little move because I couldn’t do the dance.” – Class of 2019

“For air bands last year, we had rips in our shirts for our costume. Unfortunately for my friend, the rip on his shirt was very big, so he had his nipple peeking out. He flashed his nipple to the whole school.” – Class of 2019

“A boy asked me out via Snapchat and I said I’d give him one dance because I didn’t want a date. The next day he cut school and waited outside my class with a poster to publicly ask me. It was in front of literally the entire school so I couldn’t say no and the entire dance all this boy did was follow me around.” – Class of 2019

“Forgetting the baton in the relay and then getting that full page of your failure in the yearbook” – Class of 2020

“A funny story? My love life because I didn’t get asked out.” – Class of 2019

“I met three people that my friends wanted me to date in one night” – Class of 2020

“I dressed up, and it was the wrong theme. I wore a Peter Pan looking dress, and people kept on asking me if I was celebrating Halloween early. Nope, just wanted to wear something green!” – Class of 2018