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Tetris—Whenever someone walks into the library or Academic Center, they are instantly greeted by computer screens displaying an array of colorful blocks, including the famous light blue vertical rectangle. If there was a competitive Tetris league, Gunn would undoubtedly make it to Central Coast Sections (CCS). However, as sophomore Ensay Kim, ranked “God of Tetris” would put it, “Tetris is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle.”

Gunn Memes— “I don’t always go on Facebook, but when I do, it’s because I want to check out the Gunn Memes.” Within hours of its creation, the Gunn Memes Facebook page went viral, garnering over 1000 likes in less than a week. However, like many viral trends, the page has since lost the fire that it started out with.

PMT (Pearl Milk Tea)—Any true Titan knows that the best way to get a Gunn student’s attention is to flash a cup of PMT in their face. Not only is PMT a great way to spend four bucks, but it’s also a good way to feed your inner Asian.
The Optimist—While the identity of The Optimist is still “unknown,” students from both Palo Alto High School (Paly) and Gunn are desperately awaiting the day that the mysterious blogger unveils himself. With the fiery Paly vs. Gunn Game post, the popularity of his blog shot sky high. While some find the Optimist’s words harsh, one cannot help but chuckle when reading his posts.

The SAT—As summer rolls around, so does the time for sophomores and juniors to crack open those SAT books and sulk in their studying. With all the pressure of college applications, Gunn students will work to the bone to achieve that perfect 2400.

F and G Prep—Every year when schedules come out, guidance counselors are bombarded with requests to switch into F or G prep. Not only does F, and G prep symbolize a semester of jealousy from your friends, but it also shortens your school day to a mere four hours.

Temple Run—While it’s not fun to be chased by creepy monsters in real life, it becomes strangely addicting when controlling someone through an iPhone or iTouch. Temple Run takes users into a world where the swipe of a finger determines your destiny.

Scramble with Friends—Teens nationwide are moving on from “Words With Friends” and hastily installing “Scramble With Friends.” Now, students have their news feeds filled with screen shots of funny words made on this addicting app. Find a student with two minutes to spare, and more than likely they will have whipped out an iPhone to play “Scramble With Friends”.

Jeremy Lin—It’s not everyday that the Titans show Linterest in a former Viking. However, in the case of Jeremy Lin, we have decided to set our differences aside and join the wave overcoming our country known as Linsanity. As of now, Gunn students are hooked to the Linevitable hype.

—Compiled by Stephanie Zhang

Graphics by: Alvina Yau

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