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As the rumors trickle out that this Bay Area raised rapper may be performing at Grad Night, the loyal Gunn G-Eazy fan base has welcomed many new members.

The 22-year-old rapper first burst onto the scene when he released a remix of the 1961 number single, “Runaround Sue.” The music video has now received over 620,000 views on YouTube.

Following the release of this video was G-Eazy’s “Endless Summer” mixtape. The tape featured artists such as Greg Banks, Team Robot and American Idol contestant Devon Baldwin.

G-Eazy uses an eclectic variety of music genres that he adds to his own style to captivate his audience.  Street bangers such as “SB Dunks” and “Hang Ten” show off his hard-hitting Oakland roots, while the songs “Kings” and “Netflix” express his lyrical capabilities. With G-Eazy, there’s something for everyone from, and he’s an up-and-coming artist that may be on the verge of obtaining mass popularity, so he’s definitely worth checking out.

If you’re a senior, then you may end up being lucky enough to see him perform live at your Grad Night.


Hailing from the opposite side of the country, Maryland-based musician Logic is also a 22-year-old rapper making his way into the music scene. A master of sampling and beat producing, he embodies the Young Sinatra movement with his smooth and intellectual lyrics. He is even reigniting the bobbysoxer movement, a 1940s cultural movement during which young women embraced swing dancing and artists like Frank Sinatra.

A much more modern sensation, Logic has garnered a robust 5.7 million  YouTube views over just two mixtapes. His more recent “Young  Sinatra” tape holds mind-bending and crisp lyrics that appear in songs such as “All I Do” and “Just Another Day.” If lyrics are your thing, then check out “Growing Pains II”, but if you’re in a party song mood, he probably isn’t the artist for you.

Logic came from living off $132 a month from the government to support his drug-addicted mother. After moving out at 17, he pursued his dream to be an artist and is now making more than enough to support his new lifestyle. Definitely join the Rattpack movement and follow Logic’s rise to fame.

Hoodie Allen

Unsigned rapper Hoodie Allen is about to go big, if he hasn’t gone already. Allen just hit it big with his #1 selling EP, “All American.”

The 23-year-old rapper grew up in a Jewish household, writing raps and performing them at parties. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, Allen got a job working for Google right off the bat.

But after he really started to blow up in Silicon Valley (rapping-wise), Allen finally took what he called his “leap of faith.”
“Leap Year” dropped the following summer and Allen’s rapping career hit full stride.

His house party music now captivates the high school and college audiences, and can always cheer you up. “#whitegirlproblems” is a great cheer up song, and the catchy sample “I’m Not a Robot” compliments his creatively titled “You Are Not a Robot” single.
Hoodie Allen just blew up on people’s radar, as his “All American” EP has reached #1 on iTunes. With an album on the way, watch out for his name more often.

—Compiled by Boot Bullwinkle

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