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New campus supervisor aims to make a postive influence

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Written by Misheel Enkbat

“Walk your bike, please!” is a phrase heard most frequently by rushing bikers attempting to get past Campus Supervisor  Karin Delgadillo. New to Gunn, Delgadillo is in charge of making sure that everything on campus is in order. “I basically roam the campus and help the principal, vice principals and deans,” he said. “I also locate and do summons for students but I mainly just help protect the campus and make sure everything’s going well.”

Before working at Gunn, Delgadillo worked as a substitute teacher for three years and as security for San Francisco’s football team, the 49ers. Delgadillo’s past experiences of working with students as well as working security makes him well-suited for his current position.“Both of those jobs in education and security kind of combined together to get this job,” he said.

On the job, he makes sure to put in his all. “I like making students clean up the campus especially if I see them throwing things or leaving their garbage around,” he said. “I like to have them help out by being responsible and making the campus nicer.”

As a newcomer, Delgadillo appreciates the  friendly student population. “They are all very respectful and have been great so far,” he said. “Everyone reacts well when I greet them and try to introduce myself.”

Delgadillo’s past has influenced him greatly in his occupation. “I was born in California, but my family is all from Mexico and I’ve lived in Southern San Francisco my whole life,” he said. “I didn’t come from the best neighborhood and I was raised by a single mother so I had to overcome some obstacles.” Delgadillo believes that his background has helped him connect with the Latino and African American students. “I want to try and help [minority students] as a group. The statistics say that even though they are minority students, they have the highest failure rate in classes. I feel like if I can help out one student then I’ll be happy with that.”

Overall, he enjoys getting to know everyone on campus. “I think everyone’s really cool,” he said. “Gunn has a great vibe and other than a few students, I haven’t had that many issues.”

The Campus Supervisor is also learning to enjoy new privileges that come with his new responsibilites. “The best part of my job is riding around in that little cart and getting to help out the teachers and students.”

Outside of school, Delgadillo’ enjoys traveling, inspired by his BA in Anthropology. “When I’m on vacation, I like to travel. I’ve been to over eight different countries in the past ten years,” he said. Seeing as his whole family is from Mexico, Delgadillo still visits occasionally.”I go back during the summer sometimes and thats always fun,” he said. Currently, his favorite location has been a secret beach in Colombia.  Aside from traveling, Delgadillo also enjoys being outdoors and staying fit. “I like to go hiking and go to the beach when I can. I pretty much just like staying in shape, exercising, going to the beach and hanging out,” he said.

Overall, as a focused worker and a fun individual, Delgadillo has already been able to feel comfortable at Gunn. Delgadillo expresses his personality on campus as “outgoing, determined and adventurous.”

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New campus supervisor aims to make a postive influence