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Student platforms for voicing political opinion

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Written by: Alex Man

Modern Urban Style Entertainment

“Modern Urban Style Entertainment” (MUSE) is a student-run publication dedicated to serving a wide  range of students with varying interests. Students can participate in several creative activities, from writing editorials to sharing recipes to writing comics. In this sense, “MUSE” not only includes writing but also art and other innovative forms of expression.

As “MUSE” is student-run, its members have greater freedom in expressing their opinions. “Keeping in line with school appropriateness, students can write about anything they have a strong passion for,” reporter junior Haley Nieh said.

Junior State of America

Junior State of America (JSA) is an organization  run by students that American teens can join to debate important issues of the day. JSA is organized in a political fashion, and debates are often focused on the social, cultural, and economic issues that are discussed within politics.

While JSA is similar to clubs Model United Nations and Speech and Debate, there is a social aspect to the club that is unique to it. All opinions are accepted and encouraged to be shared. “We believe that everyone has a voice and should be able to tell others what they think,” senior William Yu said.

The Chariot

“The Chariot” is a student-run publication that addresses political and cultural issues relating to Gunn students. “The Chariot” has an editor-in-chief, a senior editor, three copy editors and ten writers. Copy Editor junior Sabrina Lui explained the role of editors on the magazine. “As editors, it is our top priority to maintain the opinions of the writers within their pieces,” Lui said. “We’ll make sure that two pieces arguing opposite sides address the same points to keep the debate streamlined.” Each issue is centralized on one main theme, and each writer offers his or her personal views on relevant and controversial topics.

YMCA Youth and Government

YMCA Youth and Government is a model legislature and court program that aims at helping students enhance research skills and improve his or her public speaking skills. Students start out in small delegations at the YMCA and create bills on topics of the students’ choices. At the end of the program, delegates meet in Sacramento and present their works. Member junior Mariam Nasrullah explained the liberty of speech in the group. “There is a lot of freedom in speaking your mind,” Nasrullah said. “The whole purpose is to let young people’s voices be heard, so everyone is very open about letting others know how they feel.”

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Student platforms for voicing political opinion