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New year, new you: best New Year’s resolutions for 2013

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Eat Healthier

Most of us have an eating problem whether we want it or not. Our eating habits include In-N-Out, Krispy Kreme and let’s not forget the very dear Panda Express. Switching these foods choices to healthy alternatives will benefit us in more ways than we can imagine. Sticking to a diet that doesn’t  take away the good stuff will help maintain the resolution.


Making time for the gym is a drag and actually going to the gym is basically impossible. It’s important to keep in shape and the only way to do it is through incentive. Find something that’s important to you. For example, whole wheat burgers or frozen yogurt are a great way to incentivize you to start exercising.

 De-stressTests are torture. Sometimes it can take up to five hours studying just to get a B. Studying 20 minutes a day will help distribute the time spent studying so you don’t have to cram all the information at 11 p.m. The most important thing is to give yourself an hour or two a day to just relax with friends or watch TV—it’ll help your stress level tremendously.

 Clean your roomA messy environment will distract you. Maintaining a clean room is much easier than constantly cleaning it.  It’s very important when keeping a clean room to put things away as soon as you’re done using them so that they don’t build up to become a huge mess. The only hard step is to first clean your room—the rest is a piece of cake.

 Save MoneyWe’ve all been there. At the start of the week we’re at 50 bucks and at the end we’re at about 70 cents. Saving money is so important, even as a teenager. Divide the money up into categories: allowance and savings. Distributing it into sections will help you save up in the long run. Keep 50 percent of it to spend and save the other 50. That way, you always have extra money when you really need it, and you’re never running out. Another way to have your money last the whole week is to divide it into days. Each day has a specific limit to the amount you are allowed to spend.

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New year, new you: best New Year’s resolutions for 2013