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Four simple steps to find your soulmate

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Written by: Michael Chen

Well, some of you may know me as the person who writes the love posts on the “Updates from Gunn SEC.” I was invited by the lovely Utkash Dubey to give you single men and women a little advice to be successful in the love department at Gunn. I will help all you lovebirds out there to find your soulmate, as long as you follow these steps:

Step One: first impressions. A first impression is the initial image that you give to that special someone. The first impression is important because that’s how they will remember you by. This will leave that special someone distracted for the rest of the day because he or she won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

A good way to make a strong first impression is to initiate “the move” as soon as possible. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve resisted the first move, and then, she was stolen! Don’t be afraid to make the first move unique and different. Even if you have to be a little quirky, he or she will think it’s cool, and possibly attractive. You should try showing that special someone something you’re weirdly talented at. Or tell them what you learned in physical education (PE) last semester or rehearse the mole rap you made in Chemistry. They will be pretty amazed.

Step Two: taking risks. Just take a risk. You will never have a chance with your baby boy or girl if you don’t. A little anxiety and sweat under the armpits is worth giving yourself the opportunity to make a connection. Just make sure you’re wearing deodorant and some sort of fragrance because you may hug each other at some point, and if you smell like someone rubbed onions all over you, the situation is all bad. Ladies, I advise you to please stay away from that cotton candy perfume, and boys, stay away from that chocolate Axe.

Step Three: dating. The word “dating” can scare a few people away. However, dating is really an opportunity to sit down with that pretty one and connect with him or her on a deeper level. Connecting on a deeper level requires no skill other than to be yourself. Your date will go home wanting more if you two had fun and you were yourself.

Also, don’t be overwhelming. Let him or her have some time to digest the first date. This means do not text them right after the date to hang out the next day. That’s just too much all at once. Even though it may be tempting because love is a strong feeling, just hold back and be patient.

Step Four: confidence. You can use all of these dating tips, but you might still be stuck in the friend zone. Confidence is a quality that can either make or break being in a relationship with someone. Guys and gals love confidence in a person because it reassures them that the relationship means something to him or her. If you’re not confident with yourself, it shows your potential soulmate that you may not care at all for the relationship. However, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Make sure you don’t cross the line because it’s a complete turnoff if you are an arrogant butt. Just trust what you have in the relationship and be confident in yourself and what you two have together.

Overall, love is a crazy roller coaster. It goes up and down, then back up and back down. However, as long as you stay yourself and have fun with your special someone, it makes the rest of the ride  a lot easier to handle. Life is too short to live in a cardboard box. You’re going to go through so many relationships in your life, so start now.

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Four simple steps to find your soulmate