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Written by Justin Wenig

The first thing to remember about prom is that there are people out there that feel the same way you do. That feeling of confused nervousness and excitement is ubiquitous. Even if you are nervous and scared, you probably will have an uneventful but surprisingly fun night. But, if you come in excited, prepared and down for anything, you are going to have the time of your life. This article is intended to give you some tips about how to make that special night a little more special.

There are a couple of uncomfortable situations that occur at prom, and it is essential to be prepared for each of them. Let’s start from the beginning. When you first arrive at Gunn early in the evening, you will line up to enter a bus. At this point you will be patted down thoroughly and breathalyzed. Don’t drink alcohol beforehand and don’t try to bring in anything illegal; it will not only ruin the night for you and your date, but it will also ruin it for the generous administrators who chaperone the event.

Soon after, you will be shaking your hips on the dance floor like you never knew you could. If you have never been to a Gunn dance, most students describe the students as hot and sweaty, and prom is no exception. It is incredibly important to wear deodorant. It also helps to occasionally go to the bathroom and wash up. For boys, remember you are wearing a white dress shirt while dancing—this means your sweat stains are visible. Go to the bathroom and wash up frequently, and try not to hit the Worm more than five times.

It is also pretty important to bring gum or some type of mouthwash. Prom has some fantastic food and you will surely indulge yourself more than you would have expected. Another tip regarding food is to not eat too early and to try to eat on the healthier side. Although there may be a tendency to go for the fried foods or chocolate fountain, trust me that it won’t be the best decision when your friends are asking why you can’t hit the “grind on me” dance on the dance floor.

When you get back to Gunn, you may go home or you may go out. Don’t expect the night to go one way or another because the majority of people end up doing something different than they thought they would have been doing. It is a good idea to have a handy change of clothes—one comfy and one better looking in case the night isn’t over for you and your date.

Lastly, remember that prom is about being yourself. There are no “social expectations” regarding prom. It is not expected for people to go out and party afterward or to hook up with their date. Be yourself and no one will criticize you for it. You can have a fun night and not dance at all; it’s all about doing what you enjoy and prom gives you more than enough freedom to do that.

I hope that you have a great prom night.

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The ultimate prom survival guide