Revisiting our favorite childhood memories: childhood bests


by Cheryl Kao

Written by Stina Chang

Best Foods

Dino Chicken Nuggets: Pretending that your nuggets are from the Jurassic era until your mom says to stop playing with your food, but continuing to do so until the last piece is fully devoured.

Candy: when your mom lets you buy one of the chocolate bars at the check-out line in the grocery store.

Best Toys

Hot Wheels: Begging your parents to buy the buildable tracks to recreate the ultimate race like the one you saw on TV.

Barbie Dream house: Having tea time with Barbie in her dream house—every 6 year old’s dream back in the day.

Game Boy: The earliest generation of Nintendo DS and PSP. showing this to your friends at school made you the coolest kid on the block.

Best Fashion

Graphic T-shirts: Showing off the newest Pokemon.

Velcro Sneakers: Being Too lazy to tie shoelaces. Wait. I guess nothing has changed.

White Ankle Socks: They are making a comeback.

Heelys: rolling down the street with your shoes instead of walking, with trails of lights illuminating your path.