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Batman V Superman


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Written by Tone Yao Lee

This is it. This is what DC fans have been craving for the last year. With the original announcement of the movie “Batman versus Superman: Dawn Of Justice” in June 2013 and the first trailer coming out in April 2015, the time has finally come. The largely anticipated movie aired across the country on March 24. According to Forbes, a business website, “Batman v Superman” has accumulated 296.686 million dollars after 17 days, surpassing the original “Man of Steel.”

While the comic for the fight was published a while back, the movie takes a slight turn from the book to keep its viewers in suspense. Multiple other DC characters were introduced in the movie such as Wonder Woman, Aqua Man and the Flash. However, many speculate that the movie will be the start of the Justice League to combat Marvel’s Avengers which has taken the movie scene by force.

In my mind, I saw Superman winning. With the power to shoot lasers out of his eyes, superhuman strength and the ability to fly, I just couldn’t see Batman damaging Superman at all. Batman is exceptionally strong, but my prediction was that the Kryptonian will take the dub but spare Batman’s life. The only chance Batman had, in my opinion, was if he managed to harvest some Kryptonite and kill Superman while he wasn’t not paying attention. Then I watched the movie and it all made sense.

Maybe Batman takes Lois Lane captive and makes Superman submit. Maybe Lois Lane dies in the crossfire and causes Superman to go insane and thirst for blood. The only way to find out is to watch the movie.

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Batman V Superman