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Phrases You Should Know in Foreign Languages

Akansha Gupta

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Do you speak English? The most important phrase on this list, because if the person you ask answers in affirmative, you don’t have to break out your embarrassingly limited vocabulary.

Greetings like Hello, Good Morning and Good Night. Manners are universal.  You don’t want to be that foreigner, right?

Will you write that down for me: Nod along and pretend you aren’t a helpless tourist. Then you can surreptitiously check Google Translate to figure out whatever you pretended to understand. (Note: this only works with

Suitcase ipad book travel

by Cheryl Kao

languages with scripts that you can understand)

Where can I get something to eat? Food is hands-down one of the best parts of travelling. This is the question you need to ask to find it.

Where is the nearest bathroom? Learn this phrase so you don’t have to act it out and can keep your dignity.

Numbers: You only have 10 fingers on your hands. How will you take advantage of the flea markets and bazaars if you can’t haggle over price?

Please call the police, Contact the American Embassy and I am an American Citizen: For when you accidentally offend someone and need law enforcement or somebody with more authority to step in.

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Phrases You Should Know in Foreign Languages