Departing Teachers: English Teacher Ethan Halter

Written by Jenna Marvet

For any student of English teacher Ethan Halter, his passion for teaching Shakespeare is evident. Next year, he will change roles and become a student in the Masters in Shakespeare Program at King’s College in collaboration with the Globe Theatre in London, England during a year off from teaching at Gunn.

The program consists of two classes per semester, one at the college and one at the theatre, and ends with a thesis on a topic chosen by the student. “I am hoping to bring back an expertise in Shakespeare and to think about the role that Shakespeare’s stories can play in adolescent character development,” Halter said. “We can use Shakespeare to help adolescents discover themselves.”

Halter felt many factors contributed to his decision to partake in the program, but said the most prominent reason was the chance to have a new perspective on the world. “I have been living in the Bay Area for a while and basically have had a teaching job since I graduated college,” Halter said. “Ten years is a long time to do that and I think that having a break will allow me reflection and growth.”

Still, while Halter is 5,362 miles away from Palo Alto, he will miss Gunn. “I will definitely miss the students the most—seeing them learn is one of my favorite things. Adults are harder to see change and grow and learn and grapple with ideas,” Halter said. “I will miss the youthful innocence and hope I see in Gunn students every day. They inspire me.”