Food Fights: Cake

Written by Samuel Tse


Today, the cake is threatened by the pie, a lower deity whose only place is a stepping stone for the advancement of the prodigious cake, who cake lovers must support in this time of need.
First off, a cake is a versatile dessert. There are many different forms this pastry can take such as layered cake, cheesecake, ice cream cake and even more. Cakes also often have an elaborate design on top and around the cake, the aesthetic look that pies don’t have.
Cake designs can be amazing, but it’s not only the outside that matters but the inside as well. Many cakes have something that pies do not—frosting. Imagine biting into a soft , fluffy cloud, the sweet touch blessing your tongue with buckets full of sugar. In addition, cakes have the moist sponge section that leaves you craving for more.

While cake may pack quite a few calories, there is a simple solution to your problem— make cupcakes, the mini form of cakes! Any cake can be shrunk down in size into a cupcake. You could eat four of them back-to-back and feel zero guilt, while having the experience of eating a slice of cake.

The final reason that cakes are superior is that cakes are used for special occasions. Birthday cakes and wedding cakes are a staple to their respective events and honestly, anyone would rather see the multi-layer four-foot tower of sugary goodness than see a depressing, flat pie at a wedding.

I would also like to point out that Boston Cream Pie, one of my favorite desserts, is a cake. Cake conspiracy? I think not. It just comes to show that even pies want to become cakes, once again proving cake’s superiority.