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Artist of the Month: Lily Liu

Lily Liu receives Best Talent at the 2016 Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant.

Lily Liu receives Best Talent at the 2016 Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant.

Lily Liu receives Best Talent at the 2016 Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant.

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Compiled by Grace Ding

The Oracle: Why did you originally begin participating in beauty pageants?
Lily Liu: Because I’m pretty tall, a lot of people were like you should do pageants or you should do modeling and things like that. I wasn’t really sure if that was for me at first, but I knew some friends who did it before, so that’s why I was like, maybe I should try it out.


TO: When did you start participating in beauty pageants?
LL: I actually started in 2015. The first pageant I went to was called the Sing Tao Daily. They’re a newspaper company and they’re pretty big on pageants and things like those. I joined in June of 2015 and I was the Miss June Cover Girl. Later on, I joined the Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant and I won second place [first runner-up] in the U.S. region. In the final worldwide region, I won Best Talent.


TO: How do you typically prepare and rehearse for pageants?
LL: It really depends on the organization for the pageant. For Sing Tao, their big event is in December, so you have to go to a lot of practice in the weeks before that. For the other com- petitions I went to, it really depends. You have to go because it kind of reflects on your final show. For Sing Tao, we had to do a group dance so then if you don’t go to the practices, you can’t really do it.


TO: How do you compete at pageants?
LL: Technically, many of the pageants are the same, where it’s self-introduction, walkway-runway kinds of things, and then Q&A in an evening gown, where they ask you a bunch of random questions and then you’re supposed to answer them within a minute or something like that. For big worldwide ones, they have a swimwear walk, too. ere’s also talent [performances], but it’s always optional.


TO: What’s your favorite thing about pageants?

LL: Well, you gain a lot of confidence through the experience. You also meet a lot of friends and get a lot of opportunities.


TO: Do you have any advice to potential new participants?
LL: I think the most challenging part about pageants is the Q&A. You have to prepare yourself for it, because sometimes they might ask political questions. Also, always be yourself. In one of my Q&A’s, I got a question asking what I thought about plastic surgery. And I forgot what I said word-to-word, but I remember saying how you should just be yourself because you’re beautiful and true.


TO: What do you think you have gained from your experience with beauty pageants?
LL: Before, I would say that I was kind of shy. I didn’t really know how to talk to other people. But now, I can talk confidently and express myself in a way that would be different from before.


TO: Do you plan on participating in more beauty pageants in the future?
LL: I think the one I just attended was my last one. It gets kind of busy for school, especially at Gunn. I think since I already won a world-wide one and many pageants are regional or local, there aren’t a lot of other pageants I can do. ere might be a possibility that I will compete in U.S. Miss Teen California, but that’ll probably be after my senior year. If I find a good organization, I might continue to participate in pageants in college.

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Artist of the Month: Lily Liu