Black Friday Experiences: Teacher

Written by Bridgette Gong

“Every time I think of Black Friday, I have quite a laugh,” biology teacher Christina Woznicki said. A couple years ago, Woznicki spent her Black Friday hoping to get some good deals from Macy’s as she waited in a line to receive some coupons being handed out. “I was with some of my family and we were all waiting in this really big line for so long because we heard coupons were being handed out,” she said. “It wasn’t until we finally reached the front of the line that someone told us that we weren’t even standing in the right line for coupons, so we found that really funny and just left without ending up buying anything.”

This experience changed Woznicki’s perspective on the holiday as well, as she greatly values her time. “In my opinion, time is money and I wasted so much time that day,” she said. “This experience made me realize I don’t like Black Friday at all and that it’s kind of pointless.” Woznicki learned from this occurrence that Black Friday is not a good way for her to spend her time. “I just think it’s a waste of effort and time which isn’t worth what you could possibly get out this day, and I just don’t enjoy shopping on a day like this,” she said. Woznicki found this memory of Black Friday to be funny but also effective because the holiday is no longer significant to her.