Junior Christopher Yang mistaken for Sephora employee by shopper


The Oracle

Written by Sabrina Chen

Junior Christopher Yang was shopping with his mother on Black Friday when a young couple came up to him and asked if he was an employee at Sephora. “It was crowded,” Yang said. “But then this woman and man came up to me and asked if I knew where some makeup products that they wanted were.”

As shocked as he was, Yang still managed to give a reasonable response. “I told them, ‘Oh, sorry, I’m not exactly sure,’” Yang said. “‘I think you should try asking someone who actually works at Sephora.’”

Yang hypothesizes that this mishap occurred because he was wearing all black, the uniform of Sephora employees. “It was a hectic environment, but I was still shocked,” Yang said. “I don’t know anything about makeup.”

Although Yang didn’t really mind the experience, he advises future shoppers not to wear all black. “I know that in crowded places people tend to think less, but the situation was quite awkward,” Yang said. “Try to just dress like a normal shopper.”

All in all, Yang sees the experience as adding a bit of spice to his Thanksgiving break. “I thought it was an interesting but funny experience,” Yang said. “I will be able to tell this story many times.”