Spring sports race through the start of their season: Boys’ Tennis


Written by Caroline Ro

Despite their position in a highly competitive league, the varsity boys’ tennis team has had about as many wins as losses thus far in the season, going 2-2 in League so far.

The team’s success is due in part to their teamwork built during the hours they’ve
spent together during practices and games. Sophomore Nikolas Olsson notices that as the team continues to practice together, the improvement becomes more and more apparent. “We’ve started to really get our doubles teams together,” Olsson said. Junior William Park also firmly believes in the importance of building up experience more than anything else. “We’re learning a lot more from practices and losses than from actually winning, so I don’t really mind losing,” Park said.

For the players, fulfilling expectations during matches and challenging other players to maintain your positions can be difficult. Park, however, has been able to find personal growth through his involvement on the tennis team. “[Tennis has] helped me redefine what trying my best is,” he said.

As for team goals this spring season, CoachJim Gorman places an emphasis on increasing players’ skill level more than making it to Central Coastal Section (CCS) or beating other teams. “[At the end of the day] these guys are out here to improve every day, play better tennis, and if you do that, you get plenty of wins,” Gorman said. “If we lose to good teams, that’s no disgrace.”