Wacky April Fool’s pranks offer knee-slapping laughs: Jellofied Object



Anyone who has ever watched “The Office” knows about Jim Halpert’s hilarious tendency to prank his unamused co-worker, Dwight Schrute. The most famous of the myriad of pranks throughout the show is when Jim puts Dwight’s possessions in a giant bowl of jello. This is a fantastic prank, as the execution is simple, the result is harmless and it is guaranteed to elicit quite a few laughs.


  1. An obnoxious amount of jello. You will want at least 10 packets. In all likelihood, this will be the most jello that you and your victim have ever seen at one time.
  2. One large bowl
  3. Object to set in the jello


Obtain the object you wish to set in the jello. Bonus points if they didn’t notice that you took it.

To make the jello, follow the recipe on the box and multiply the ingredients by however many boxes of jello you have. Pour the liquid jello into the large bowl and let it cool for one hour in the refrigerator. Place your victim’s object in the jello. After one hour, the jello will be thick. Let the jello set with the object in it for another two to three hours. Make sure that your victim does not open the refrigerator and uncover the prank prematurely.


Replace the jello-fied object back where it usually goes. Ideally, your victim has not even noticed that the object is missing yet. Wait for your victim to discover his or her unpleasantly sweet surprise. Be ready with a camera to capture the victim’s reaction and save it for eternity.


If everything goes according to plan, your victim will go through many emotions over the course of the prank. Firstly, he or she will be shocked, and then that shock will grow into confusion. Once your victim figures out the prank, his or her confusion will meld into amusement.

-Written by Eric Epstein