Explore Lax Facts

By: Jack Mallery

Guys’ helmets need to have tilt, so you should be looking out the top bar. For the poor unfortunate souls that look out the middle bar, you have been diagnosed with second bar syndrome.

Flow Bucket is a fake hair attachment for guys that they put on the back of helmets if their hair does not meet the sufficient lax length standards.

Jaxson, Bella and Lexie are all common names for lax sticks. You are required to name your stick because their stats are your stats and it is your best friend. For lax bros, your stick is your girlfriend.

For guys’ lax, obnoxious celebrations are a must for looking cool. Whether it’s dancing in the opponent’s face or taking a victory lap, celebrating is part of the game.

For girls lax, an absence of physical conflict is made up for by verbal abuse and“pure uncontrolled hatred.”