Junior Claire Semeria finds confidence in kickboxing


Kickboxing is a form of martial arts, combining both punches and kicks.  There are a couple variations of this sport, with one being extremely competitive and against other opponents in a ring.  Another variation is a hardcore fitness class that teaches you the necessary techniques such as punching, kicking, footwork, and defense.  Kickboxing originates from Thailand, around 2,000 years ago. The sport was originally used for self-defense, but has evolved into a spectator sport as well as a recreational workout.

Junior Claire Semeria has participated in the recreational side of kickboxing for the last two years.  “I absolutely love kickboxing because it never fails to leave me stronger,” Semeria said.  “It is by far the best workout one can get because it works you to your limit and pushes you to try your absolute best.”  Semeria also added that besides the many physical benefits, kickboxing has also helped with her internal view of herself. “I love how kickboxing is able to boost my confidence and sense of empowerment by teaching me to defend myself,” Semeria said.  

Kickboxing, like many other aerobic activities, is beneficial to the athlete’s health.   “[Kickboxing] is a perfect way to improve your health because it increases strength, reduces fat, improves posture, burns calories, and improves coordination,” Semeria said.  The recreational activity is connected to its original roots of self-defense as well. “Every class demonstrates proper ways of punching and kicking while still keeping a defensive stance,” Semeria said.  

Interested in taking a kickboxing class?  All you will need is boxing gloves, a lot of water, and a positive attitude to try this challenging but rewarding activity.