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Justin Wenig



A Seattle victory may not be the popular opinion in the Bay Area, but  I see the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl over the Denver Broncos. The Seahawks are simply more talented than the Broncos.

On offense, the Broncos probably have a slight edge, with all-world quarterback Peyton Manning and more than five legitimate receiving threats. Denver’s offense is one of the most intimidating offenses in recent National Football League (NFL)  history. The Seahawks, however, also have a great offense. If Russell Wilson does not turn the ball over, something he rarely does, it will give plenty  of opportunities to Marshawn Lynch, who may be the best playoff running back any of us has ever seen. The Seahawks also have a talented receiving core that is just a notch below Denver’s.

The real difference between the two teams is on defense. The Broncos’ defense is by no means bad, but it also isn’t elite. They have an aging secondary and their best player, Von Miller, is out for the season. During the playoffs, Denver’s defense has had a hard time controlling the pass game, and by no means has shown dominance. In contrast, the Seahawks defense is unbelievable. They were ranked first in the league this season and have performed even better in the playoffs. Their pass defense is so good that they are on the same level of pass defending that Manning was at this season. With Richard Sherman at the helm, I don’t see the Seahawks defense giving up more than 25 points.

As is often the case, the Super Bowl is a complete crapshoot. The game will consist of two teams that have fought hard enough to get to the pinnacle of NFL success. Both teams will be fully rested and convinced that they will dominate the other team. Usually the difference comes down to the talent level, and that is why I give the slight edge to the Seahawks with the best defense in the league over the Broncos with the  offense in the league.


Wenig, a junior, is a reporter.


Leon Cheong

Forum Editor


Come Super Bowl Sunday, we will know what happens when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object. For the first time in National Football League (NFL) history, the best offense and the best defense, in yards and scoring, will face off in the big one.

This is the most important game of Peyton Manning’s career. As he comes close to retirement, another Super Bowl victory may give him the “Greatest of All Time” title. But a looming question awaits: does defense win championships? The Seattle Seahawks have played some of the most impressive defense this season. They are seventh in the league against rushing and first in the league against the passing game, thanks to the legendary Legion of Boom. Not to mention that Seattle’s offensive talent Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch are both a Ground-and-Pound threat.

Despite this, it looks as though the Broncos are the most likely champions for the 2013 NFL season. While the main battle will be fought between the mighty Denver offense and Seattle defense, the game will be won on the other side—between Denver’s defense and Seattle’s offense. In the postseason, the Broncos defense has done phenomenally well; it was able to shut down run games that were terrifying. New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount, who ran for 166 yards and a whopping four touchdowns against the Indianapolis Colts in the divisional round, was held to a meager six yards and no touchdowns against the Denver defense in the conference championship. The Broncos should have no trouble handling Marshawn Lynch in the Super Bowl.

Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio did a fantastic job of shutting down the air game as well; touchdowns were scored against the Broncos only when he put in the Prevent Defense towards the end games. Russell Wilson will need his best form if he will want to compete against the Broncos.

Ultimately, the biggest strength that the Broncos have going for them is offense. While the game will be decided on the defense,  Manning will bring all he has into the Super Bowl. With an average of over eight yards per passing attempt and 340 yards per game, Manning’s performance should be spectacular. The Broncos will especially be in full force with the receiving corps in full health to give the Legion of Boom a hard time.


Cheong, a senior, is a Forum Editor.

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The Oracle staffers predict NFL Super Bowl champions