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Fitness center available after school for student use

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Written by Tim Sun

Recently, as a part of the athletic program, the PE department has opened Titan Gym’s fitness center to individual students looking to work out. The area is entirely new and is furnished with a variety of equipment. There is a full weight rack, bench press and squat racks, as well as treadmills and ellipticals.

Many sports teams use the new facility, as well as athletes during their offseason. Senior Noah Riley is a regular visitor of the fitness center and believes it is a great resource. “It’s really nice. There’s a lot of good stuff and there’re all the benches I need,” Riley said. “I think it’s better than most of the gyms around.”

The fitness center can be used for many activities such as weight lifting and aerobics. Fitness center supervisor Sara Jackson thinks the range of equipment can benefit anyone. “There’s something for everyone to do,” she said.

Working out obviously has its positive physical effects, but Jackson believes that the benefits of exercise extend beyond just muscular gain. “Exercise is not only good for you physically, it’s good for you mentally,” Jackson said. “It’s going to make you feel good about yourself.”

Junior Kinley Wangchuk shares this sentiment, as using the fitness center has boosted his morale. “I feel better about myself and more confident,” he said.

Despite the reputation of gyms as a place for athletes or bodybuilders, Jackson believes that all students can utilize the fitness center. “If kids don’t feel ready to go out for sports, they could feel around to get comfortable,” Jackson said. “It’s for all Gunn students. [It] doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or not, male or female.”

After school, many students, either individually or part of a team, use the fitness center and Jackson says she can get as many as 25 kids at a time. Together, they create a positive atmosphere and the students all agree that the environment is very encouraging. Junior Maya Miklos enjoys using the facility and likes the friendliness of the area. “There’s a great sense of camaraderie,” she said.

In addition to being great sources of inspiration, friends can make workouts more enjoyable. Wangchuk thinks that buddies are an essential part of the fitness center experience. “Working out with friends is the best part,” he said.

The fitness center also serves as a necessary distraction from schoolwork, as exercise is a great way to de-stress. Jackson notices this common trend where students use the gym to alleviate their minds. “This facility gives them something else to think about,” she said.

Wangchuk agrees and uses the fitness center daily to focus on something other than homework. “It’ll help you get your mind off of school,” he said.

On top of the various mental benefits, working out definitely improves the body, as all students have noticed a significant increase in athleticism. Sophomore Quinn Hamilton says he has built a lot of muscle and gives a simple reason to work out. “Mad gains, that’s why. Get massive, get the ladies,” Hamilton said. “You can aspire to look like me.”

The fitness center is open and supervised from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. after school every day and is free for all students. Proper athletic attire and footwear are required.

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Fitness center available after school for student use