Fall Sports Updates: Girls’ Golf

Helen Nguyen

Written by Helen Nguyen, News Editor

With the new season of fall sports having arrived, the girls’ golf team is poised for a strong run. Junior Lydia Tsai is certain that the hard work they put in over the summer will produce successful results. “It’s normal for athletes to have ups and downs, especially toward the beginning of the season, but everyone’s worked hard over the summer, and I’m confident it will pay off,” Tsai said.

Tsai believes that each team member brings individual asset to the team, leading the team to be strong this year. “Many of the teams we play have one strong player and mediocre players down the line,” Tsai said. “I’m so proud of our team for being strong down to our very last player.” Tsai is also looking forward to another season of spending time and bonding with her team.

Photos courtesy of Margaret Redfield

“Practices, van rides and matches are so much fun—being with the team never fails to make me smile.” —junior Lydia Tsai