Freshman Justin Chiao shines in competition

The Oracle

Written by: Mikaela Wayne

Freshman cross country runner Justin Chiao has had great success in his first high school season. Despite the difficult transition from middle school, Chiao has had no trouble competing against more intense competition. “I won the first freshman race and now I am on varsity,” Chiao said. “[I] race mostly juniors and seniors which is pretty tough, but I still tend to do well.”

Chiao is mentored not only by his coach, but also by his teammates. “ The freshmen on the team are like the babies,” Chiao says. “ The older athletes take care of us to make the team better in the future.”

Chiao believes that his hard work and practice helps him succeed. “I think one of the reasons I do well is from running a lot,” he said. “ This is my sixth year running.”

Chiao hopes to continue his success throughout the next three seasons. “I am hoping to make it to States—just competing there would be awesome.”