State Propositions: prop 58


Written by Stina Chang

When English learners start attending school, they are required to take classes that are predominantly taught in English. is is due to the outdated Proposition (Prop) 227 passed in 1998 that restricts school districts’ ability to o er dual-language programs that bene t immigrant students. However, Prop 58 will shift the control of English learners’ education back to parents and teachers. With Prop 58, English learners will achieve proficiency at a faster rate, English speakers will be able to be involved in second-language immersion programs and school districts and parents will regain control over their children’s education.

Since English learners make up 22 percent of all public school students, they should have access to the most efficient way to become proficient in English. Under this year’s Prop 58, schools would be allowed to use programs such as bilingual edu- cation, in which teachers can teach all subjects in English and in the student’s native language, to help English learners not only become fluent faster but also to aid in teaching the student other academic subjects.

Native English speakers also have the bene t of being involved in language immersion programs. e California Department of Education reported that only 312 out of 10,393 schools in the state offer multilingual programs. Prop 58 expands native English speakers’ opportunity to learn by removing barriers that prevent schools from developing multilingual programs.

The current system has seen improvements in Hispanic test scores since Prop 227, according to Ballotpedia. However, it forces a failed method of English instruction on immigrant P students. The system requires teachers to teach in a language their students barely understand. Instead, students should learn in an environment that accommodates their learning needs.

For almost 20 years, Prop 227 has restricted bilingual education in school unless enough parents sign a waiver to expand it. 5 Prop 58 seeks to overturn this requirement, providing schools and parents with more flexibility when it comes to choosing how to teach their kids. Since more parents are recognizing 8 the growing value of bilingual skills in the current career eld, Prop 58 gives them the option to help prepare their kids for a skill applicable to the global economy. By voting “yes” on Prop 58, all students will be ensured equal success.