8Fit App Review


Bridgette Gong

8fit is a free workout app available on both Android and Apple products that offers both personalized fitness and a variety of diet programs. My  two weeks of experience with this app have been successful, as a result of the extra guidance from several helpful features exclusive to 8fit.

The first step to using it is creating an account and establishing a profile; you enter in basic information such as email, gender, goals, age, height weight etc. The app will formulate a personal training program fit specifically for you and what you hope to achieve. Coaching tips and motivation are offered through routine notifications, which can be extremely beneficial.  One of the great things about 8fit is that it is personalized to fit you: your fitness level (determined on a scale of eight points through a brief set of questions), your exercise goals, weight goals, time and age.

8fit Pro offers custom fitness programs with exercise routines, easy to prepare custom meal plans built to meet a desired calorie and nutrition range, a fitness tracker, interactive demos, and workout tips. The app includes three packages, all with differing features.

I used the basic package (free), which lacked most of those features but did have fitness guides, activity logs and target values for daily calorie intake and daily exercise derived from a goal. Otherwise, this app took a couple days to implement itself into my day, but once that happened I learned to enjoy fitting exercise into my routine. I found it a great resource for workout tips, ideas, and reminders. For me, the major role of this app was motivation because I didn’t stick to the exercise plan exactly but I did similar things. The constant reminders made me realized how enjoyable certain types of exercises were, such as cardio.

8fit is a good workout app that is easy to navigate, full of options and offers several opportunities for interactive fitness. It is suitable to people of all ages and fitness levels. A fee and subscription is required for many of the more advanced features.  

An important thing to remember is that this app is only guaranteed to work if it is meticulously followed by the user, so I would recommend 8fit to people who exercise regularly and are searching for a little extra guidance in establishing a workout, weight loss, or diet plan. This is also great for people who want some extra motivation and help with sticking to their fitness plan All in all, I would rate 8fit with four out of five stars. If you’re interested in fitness, give this app a try, and prepare to get your workout on!