Club connects sports lovers together through interactions



Written by Eric Epstein

The Sports Basement Club is a new club that meets on Fridays and on days with special sporting events in the Innovation Lab. The club is centered around the current happenings in the world of sports. “We usually talk about current events in sports which may be the NFL Super Bowl or [College Basketball] March Madness or something like that,” club president junior Sean Lin said.

Trivia games are a common activity in the weekly Sports Basement club meetings. “Sometimes we have a Kahoot, and it’s a classic,” Lee said. Club vice president junior Eli Tannenwald also enjoys the sports trivia. “We’ll do sports Kahoot or sports Jeopardy quite often,” Tannenwald said.

Sports Basement also features spirited debriefs and conversations. “We do a lot of sports discussions and sports debates,” Tannenwald said.

Sometimes these discussions are very passionate, according to Lin. “Sports Basement gets really loud sometimes, because people get really heated while discussing their favorite teams,” Lin said. “As president, I have to mediate discussions to make sure it doesn’t get too intense.” Despite this, Lin sees the passionate way members express themselves as a good addition to the club. “My favorite part of Sports Basement is the enthusiasm that people bring to the club because they love sports so much,” Lin said.

Club member junior Anton Lee enjoys having his friends in the club. “We all come together and have fun,” Lee said. “It’s basically meant for our friends. We all come together and talk sports.”

The club is tailored for serious sports fans, but people who loosely follow sports are welcome as well. “It’s pretty casual, good if you like sports at all and good if you like to discuss your opinions with people,” Tannenwald said. “It’s always fun, we have food, we have prizes. It’s just a fun time overall.”