Meet the best friends on The Oracle: Laurel and Mikaela


Unlike how many friendships begin, Mikaela and I were forced into one. Not only are my sister and her oldest brother best friends, but our parents are about as close as four people can get. So it was obvious that at one point, one of us would have to break the ice and see if a friendship lay underneath. Mikaela has turned into much more than just that one upperclassman who tolerates me. She has become a friend, a role model and especially a sister.

I marvel at all that she has done for me and I can’t imagine what my high school experience would be like without her. From seven-hour car rides back from camp to beating Palo Alto High School in both water polo and lacrosse, we have created countless memories. Throughout these many activities, she has been a mentor by reminding me that I can always mix a little fun into whatever I’m doing.


From my first day on The Oracle, Mikaela has been by my side, helping me with the ins and outs of journalism, while also constantly making me laugh, giving me advice and having fun. Our shared sense of humor is what connects us the most; there is never a time where I’m not laughing when I’m with her.

Even though she is heading off to college in a few months, she will continue to be more than just my best friend on The Oracle: she is the person I go to for advice and, above all, my sister.