How to get that cutie to say yes to Homecoming


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By: Laurel Comiter

Step One: Talk to their friends

Going in blind is always an option, but if you can, ask their friends about their homecoming plans. Find out if they have someone in mind already, or if they just want to go with a group of friends.

Step Two: Sleuth a little

If you have never talked to this person before, maybe asking them isn’t the best idea. But if this is someone you know, getting a sense of whether they’re interested shouldn’t be too hard. Maybe try asking them who they’re interested in, or if they have a date in mind.

Step three: Find the confidence

The most vital step in getting that special someone to say yes is to convince yourself to ask them. After all this meticulous planning, asking them should be easy. But in case you are still nervous, here are a few ways to be bold:

Dress to impress: nothing says confidence more than someone who looks good and feels good.

Think positively: it’s hard to be timid when you only believe the best will happen.

Be prepared: when you know the plan inside and out, you won’t have to worry about any mishaps.

Step Four: Ask them with something they would like

Once you are confident enough to go through with the asking, move on to actually figuring out how you’re going to do so. Think about their interests and hobbies, and settle on those that you two have in common.

Step Five: Find a time and place

Now that you have a person to ask, have figured out if they are going to say yes, and have a plan for how to ask them, it’s time to go through with the daunting deed. If you are too scared to ask in front of a large crowd, find a nice, quiet place to ask the big question. But if you muster up the confidence, march to the middle of the busy quad and shout it out.