Gym Class Heroes: Spin Class



Written by Prachi Kale

When I signed up for the spin class, I thought I knew what to expect. I had taken a few spin classes before, and most of them had similar environments and similar styles of workout routines. While this class did have both the classic peppy instructor and the spandex-clad middle-aged women, I was taken off-guard as my friend and I walked into a dark room with strobe lights flashing and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” blaring from surround-sound speakers.

It turned out that the spin class was actually a revolutions class, which is basically a spin class with an emphasis on music and dance. It seemed that most of the all-women class around me was familiar with the class and the routine, so the instructor didn’t go into much of an introduction and launched right into the workout. I was completely confused as I got on my bike and struggled to get the cycling shoes clipped onto the bike. I caught on quickly, however, and managed to keep up with everyone else.

Initially, I was skeptical about the whole experience. My friend and I were by far the youngest in the room and possibly the least invested in the atmosphere. Though we appreciated the motivational mood of the studio, we weren’t sure of what to make of the disco lights and frequently exchanged wry glances as the instructor, Drea, urged the class to “turn up that intensity, ladies.”

Eventually, however, the intensity became enough that we focused on our own workouts; I concentrated all my energy into not falling off the bike as the instructor directed us to pick up the two dumbbells on the front of the bike. Embarrassingly enough, one of my shoes came unclipped and I spent five minutes trying to get the shoe clipped while keeping up with the routine.

I managed to make it through the rest of the 45-minute class without any other mishaps, and enjoyed the rest of my time at the studio. As we toweled off our faces and unclipped our cycling shoes, I realized that though I had been doubtful about the class’s unusual atmosphere, I had actually gotten into it toward the end. Something about the combination of the flashing lights and thought-numbing music inspired me to push myself. Though the class itself wasn’t that physically challenging for me, I definitely did get a good workout and opened my mind to new experiences.