International music shows diversity

Compiled by Katie Russell

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Why it’s unique: Influences from United States/United Kingdom but also
from other Asian countries

Special characteristics: Lot of love songs; popular culture is intertwined with music since many popular songs are from soundtracks of movies or TV dramas

Instruments: gamelan, kendang

Songs: “Bawalah Cintaku”—Afgan, “Laskar Pelangi”—Nidji, “Sempurna”—Andra & the Backbone, “Terima Kasih Cinta”—Afgan, “Bukan Cinta Biasa”—Afgan


South Africa

Why it’s unique: Blend of influences from America/other English speaking countries and Africa; multilingual (like the country)

Special characteristics: Languages (especially English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa); indie music that isn’t well known outside of the country

Instruments: kalimba, mbira

Songs: “Teenagers”—Desmond and the Tutus, “Jika”—Mi Casa, “Run Jozi”—AKA , “Let’s Fall in Love, Some More”—Al Bairre, “Down South”—Jeremy Loops



Why it’s unique: Different genres; represents a diverse population with lots of different tastes and interests; very distinct from other Latin American music (different language, instruments, styles, etc.)

Special characteristics: Specific genre called sertanejo is super popular; originated in the countryside; lyrics about life; typically performed by duos (usually male)
Instruments: pandero, reco-reco

Songs: “Chuva de Arroz”—Luan Santana, “Esqueci Voce?”—Henrique & Diego, “Essa Mina E? Louca”—Anitta, “Sossegui”—Jorge & Mateus, “Na?o Me Toca”—Ze? Felipe, “Roma?ntico Ano?nimo”—Marcos & Belutti