Behind the Scenes: Student Directors


Written by Deiana Hristov

Eight individual mini-shows means eight individuals take on the role of student director and lead the One Acts actors to a great performance. This year, the stu- dent directors for One Acts are seniors Jessy McKeown, Emily Liberatore, Alyssa See-tho, Grace Berger, Eva Stoneburner, Ben Lee and junior Nick Borbolla.

Each student orchestrates the production of a separate act. “I have to be in charge of rehearsal, I have to be in charge of a schedule [and] I have to make artistic and budget choices,” Liberatore said.

According to Liberatore, one of the hardest parts of being a stu- dent director is taking on the lead- ership role. “You spend all this time with all these people because it’s such a close-knit community, and then suddenly you’re not the peer anymore. You have to be in charge of them,” Liberatore said.

However, the hard work pays off at the end. “Watching the people that I chose become close and love each other and become part of our product is so satisfying,” Liberatore said.