Spring sports race through the start of their season: Track and Field



Written by Chelsie Park

The season has just begun for the track and eld team with an unfortunate loss in their first meet against Homestead. However, the team is still optimistic about the rest of the season. “Our team as a whole is a pretty young team right now,” sprints captain senior Zachary Englhardt said. “But that’s good because the freshman are getting the experience, so that bodes well for next year.”

With the graduation of many senior runners from last year, this season came with the challenges of change and transition. “Probably the biggest issue we’ve had from a competitive standpoint was a lot of our strong run- ners last year were seniors, so they’re gone,” Englhardt said. “It’s hard to just shi gears from having a team I’ve been running with for three years kind of turned all new.”

Track and field continues to train despite the first losses and the team being young and more inexperienced. “We’re hoping to get two or three wins out of the six for our varsity,” head coach Curtis Liang said. Liang also predicts that some individuals will perform well at CCS. “In terms of CCS prospects, we have a couple individuals we expect to do pretty well,” he said.

For Englhardt, being a part of the track team inspires and supports him to challenge himself. “You’re trying to run the best race that you can and I like it because it’s an environment where everyone is encouraging each other to do the best that they possibly can,” he said.