Beginner’s drafting tips for fantasy sports

Written by Megan Li


  • Draft running backs first (RB). There’s one RB on the field at a time, and so having a good one on your team is very important. Plus, you can pick up decent wide receivers on the waivers later. A good strategy would be to aim your first three rounds towards a RB pick, then a tight end and a second running back to follow.

  • Make sure to pick a good tight end. You won’t be able to find exceptional tight ends on the waivers after the draft, so be snappy about picking one up.

  • You don’t necessarily need a high draft pick to succeed. There are enough top-tier players to build a strong team o of, so don’t worry about getting top seed and instead focus on potential picking strategy with a lower draft pick.



  • Do some research, maybe you’re not creating a fantasy team to win, but it’s still important to have at least some knowledge about the game. Think not only about what players you would like beforehand, but also which positions matter the most. There are shortages of offensively-talented catchers and shortstops, so be sure to scoop one up before they’re gone.

  • Stay updated on what’s happening in the actual game. Injuries and suspensions that happen in real time affect the fantasy world, so being notified of such factors and reacting appropriately with timely shuffles will help your winning chances.

  • Take the draft seriously. Building a quality fantasy team starts with the draft, and so your performance during the season will rely fairly heavily on your strategic picks and cunning.



  • Draft small forwards first. Don’t get carried away by drafting point guards or centers first; there are a lot fewer small forwards to pick from, while there are a lot more centers that are good enough to win. This applies to the slim roster of great power forwards as well.

  • Pick players of different skill levels within the team because then you know that players have the ability to score on their own without their success being dependent on another player.

  • Remember that role-players are important players as well. Don’t get too caught up on trying to grab stars; you’d be surprised at how much underrated players can do for you.