Faces in the Crowd: Does sexist reporting occur in the Olympics?


Compiled by Katie Zhang

“I think that the reporters of the Winter Olympics honestly just speak in a way to convey something fun. I feel the Olympics are fun to watch because reporters present their thoughts.”                        -Benie Cohen (9)


“I don’t think the reporters are being sexist because the reporters cover the material in an equal way. I think reporters are gender-neutral with their reporting.”

                                            -Victor Auyeung (9)

“I think the reporters, they keep it pretty fair. They show both men and women in all the sports and also discuss both in similar lights.”                        -Tori Fong (10)


“Reporters are just doing their job so I really don’t think that they are being sexist, and just for entertainment because they are just doing their job.”

                                           -Gloria Xiao (10)

“I was shocked by some of the women’s commentary. I strongly believe that women need to be treated the same as men. Wake up. It’s 2018.”                            -Rina Newhouse (11)


“I think that they judge the players too much, no matter whether its a woman or a man. Most of the talk is negative, not positive.”                                    -Sol Caselles (11)


“Personally, I care more for the events than the interviews and comments of reporters, but I think they do a pretty good job. They’re pretty neutral in terms of gender.”

                                      -Ankur Mishra (12)


“I really don’t pay attention to how reporters report the actual information. But I feel like the actual actions are more fun to watch.”                                   -Joshua Wu (12)