Winter Sports Look to CCS: Boys’ Basketball

Written by Alex Dersh

The boys are off to a strong season, winning their first two tournaments and proving its mettle with a victory over rival Palo Alto.

Junior Sahib Gill felt that the tournaments against Los Gatos and Prospect were highlights of the season and boosted the team’s morale. “The mentality we had after those two games was really positive,” he said.

Senior Jonathan Davis saw their victory over Palo Alto High School (Paly) as the team’s greatest success so far this season. “It’s been a goal since I was on the team sophomore year,” Davis said.

Gill felt that the team did what it needed to do to win against Paly. “The second Paly game, where we beat them—we just played the way our coach wanted us to, and we just played well on defense,” he said.

However, the team still faces challenges. Chief among them, according to Davis, is keeping up a tough work ethic. “As the season goes on we get a lot of injuries, we get a lot of sicknesses and people’s legs just give out,” he said. “So definitely just bringing it 100 percent to every single practice and 120 percent to every single game [is our biggest challenge].”

Davis believes that the team will do well in the upcoming Central Coast Section (CCS) tournament. “We’re a really strong team, one of the strongest public school teams in the

Bay Area right now,” he said. “I think as long as we stay healthy we have a very good shot at making it pretty far.”