Faces in the crowd: Should Kaepernick stand for the national anthem?


Written by Bridgette Gong

“I think what Kaepernick did was good because he’s bringing awareness to important issue and I think he’s spreading good message but at the same time it’s a little controversial because he’s doing it in a way that’s kind of going against one of the most popular traditions in america. So I’m not sure if I really agree with what he did, but i do like what Kaepernick is trying to promote.”

-Ezra Kohrman 9


“I think it’s really rude that Kaepernick didn’t stand up during the national anthem. I think that it’s kinda going against everything that Americans stand for and he calls himself an American, but doesn’t stand up. I just think that that’s not cool.”

-Brenda Cornelio 10


“I think it doesn’t really matter and this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion because Kaepernick is an irrelevant human being.”

-Herman Singh 11


“I think this is kind of like a matter of freedom of speech, Kaepernick can do whatever he wants and it’s a peaceful protest so if people hate on it then whatever, it’s not like he’s hurting anybody. He’s standing up for what he believes in and there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s just making use of the national anthem in a different way.” -Tiffany Yang 12